You have a building that you would like to restore – we are at your disposal! Thanks to our rich experience and devotion we can build your dream. For the last 32 years of experience of our specialists we have implemented hundreds of successful projects and only during the last 13 years of collaboration their number exceeded 85.

We implement our projects from the initial planning stage to the comprehensive finalization while consulting you about all you need – from the selection of a design company, the architectural office to the selection of materials and raw materials so that you could successfully get in the limits of your budget. We could also assist you in procuring all the documents and permits you need, if necessary. 

Our priorities are loyalty and honesty towards our clients, the quality and precision in our work, the satisfaction of Client’s requirements and the development of a long-term trustworthiness and partnership.

Unlike the majority of the constructors and companies, we work entirely with materials from our own warehouse. This makes it possible for us to provide our clients with all they need at wholesale prices! This eliminates all surplus charges, transportation and all other cost types!

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