You have the idea of a newbuilding,  home, office, villa or another type of construction activity but you don’t know where to start from? Share it with us and we will make it come true. We are ready to walk through the entire process of its implementation step by step – from the occurrence of the idea to the last “touches” of furnishing and planting. Together with you we will walk several steps as follows:

The first step is about developing a comprehensive project in conformity with your wishes that is prepared entirely with your participation that gives you the opportunity to correct, add or delete whatever you want in the design process. This is the only way for the end product to be in line with client’s wishes, requirements and needs.
Second step – providing the necessary permits for initiating the construction operations. For those of you that do not have the free time for it or going around the authorities proves to be too much of a burden, we offer the service of mediation for the procurement of all types of documentation that you need to start up the construction and repair works.
Third step – procurement with construction materials and raw materials. Unlike the majority of the construction companies that buy them from various warehouses throughout the country, we work entirely with materials from our own warehouse. This makes it possible for us to provide our clients with all they need at wholesale prices! This eliminates all surplus charges, transportation and all other cost types!.
Fourth step – construction operations. At each stage of the construction and repair works we ensure high quality of the service being rendered by us, in conformity with the European Standards. In addition to ensuring the quality, we guarantee you the deadline for rendering the service.
Finishing works – we rely on the quality performance of this type of operations and at the same time take your individual requirements into account.
Furnishing – we are ready to assist you for the selection of a supplier. We are capable of demonstrably informing you about their product range presented in catalogues and other advertisement materials, helping you for the selection or even for the furnishing delivery.
Planting – What is a house without a garden or a premise without some greenery? Plants not only bring joy to our eyes, but also cosiness and cheerfulness in the interior. We are willing and able to turn for you each piece of land into a unique flower chef d'oeuvre that is in line with your requirements and aesthetical perceptions.
And of course, last in our list but actually the most significant operation that provides the finishing touches for all activities performed by us – the building legalization. We, the people of SEVSEM LTD could be once again your eyes and ears before the government and municipal administrations that are to approve of and issue the necessary documents for commissioning. Thus you get a set of a new home, office or villa together with the set of documents that ensure your idea has come true.

The clients’ palette of SEVSEM LTD is versatile. The majority of them are owners of abandoned agricultural estates with semi-demolished houses that were bought at a knock-out price. We provide you with beneficial conditions for renovation/restoration of these old buildings and we also offer the same favourable terms and conditions for the construction of new buildings. Be it restoration or erection from the very foundations – the choice is up to you, our clients.